How I Got An Appreciation Letter From Harvard University

Santosh Bobade
2 min readFeb 10, 2021


Hello guys, my name is Santosh Bobade. This is my first write-up, so any spelling mistake and grammatical mistake please ignored.

Let’s start

1)First, enumerate the subdomain of Harvard University and I got a single interesting subdomain. i.e. * (sorry for not to a disclosed subdomain)

2)I saw the response in the browser and got 404 Error — page not found please check the URL

Yup quiet interested

3)I Ran the command in Kali Linux

host *

In response, I got IP XXX.XX.XXX.XX

Now again I ran the host command


In response I got *

Now checking in browser *

I got the same response 404 Error — page not found please check the URL

I was like yes I got it


1)Created an account on

In site address, I wrote *

And in the domain, I wrote *

And choosing option connect your domain select the plan and successfully subdomain takeover

Appreciation Letter:

I hope you enjoyed my writeup

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